Album Cover
Come Out From Where You Hide
Minus Six
Released: Nov 27, 2013
Label: M6 Records
Track Listing
1 Orion's Belt
2 Feet Stompin'
3 Lucid Dreaming
4 Grassfed
5 Si Clause
6 Tumbling
7 Burn
8 Let Me Come Around
9 20 rue Barbazan
10 Bumps in the Road
11 Le Jongleur
12 The Gospel According to...
13 Ode to Diane
14 Lullaby
15 The French Tune

Liner Notes

COME OUT FROM WHERE YOU HIDE is about letting go of your inhibitions, dive into worlds left unexplored, learn the tales of medieval minstrels, gaze at the constellations from a blanket in your backyard, put your feathers in your hair and join the celebration. These 15 tracks chronicle the moments that push us into taking risks that define our future.

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